Live your best life.

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them".  

—Marc Jacobs

We are more than just a small  business... we are a lifestyle.

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Why Choose Us?

As a New York City born shopper who is always up for the hunt, "alice simone boutique" continues to relish in the opportunity to find the latest and greatest in fashion & pretty things.

Whether you are a local, a seaside traveler, or a vintage futurist you will be sure to find some of the most stylist reasonably priced unique clothing, accessories & gifts  at our shop.

In business  since 2011 Alice Simone Boutique will continue to protect our darling assortment of beautiful things, as well as our Private Label by adhering to a strict "No Cell Phone Zone" policy within the store walls.

As a priority we will always uphold high customer service standards by providing top notch personal attention to all of our visitors year, after year.

Thank you for making Alice Simone Boutique be your source for Joyful Happy Wears.

See you soon!


Fresh, fun & unique items.

Dilger N 3/2024

Customer service, Quality, Wait time Always great!

Stephanie M  3/2024

Quality, Wait time, Customer service, OtherGreat shop! I’ll be back again, already recommended to neighbors.

Diane D FL 2/2024

What a fabulous experience! Great assortment, amazing presentation, and terrific people - I will definitely be back!!!

Boardman J 1/2024

The best store in Naples!!! Very unique clothes and gifts, the staff was very helpful and friendly!! Don't miss out on this hidden gem of 5th Ave!

Judy R, FL  7/6/2023

Fantastic boutique. Unique pieces of clothing and jewelry. On trend. Love this place!

Lisa B

Jun. 2,  1:51 pm

"Quality, Other, Customer service, Wait timeAlways a fun stop while shopping on 5th Ave!Merchandise is beautiful and customer service is always the owners priority:)After shopping for gifts and for my self I take time to shop for my two grandsons as they also have an impressive area of fun and educational games snd creative toys for my grandsons!"

5/8, 8:47 am Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time Loved everything about the shop! Delightful!

6/2, 1:40 pm Customer Service, QualityLOVE this little store!

11/17, 9:35 pm Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time Love this store!

11/21, 8:08 pmCustomer Service, Quality, Wait Time Great store!Great people!

Quality, Other, Wait time, Customer service.

Karen P 11:13 PM on Aug 14

Alice Simone is my absolute favorite place to shop, in downtown Naples or surrounding places. Its clothing and many accessories can be easily worn by a range of ages. The merchandise is stylish and classy, easily mixed or matched with other items in the shop or what I already have , and diverse enough to be worn for a variety of occasions. It has a boutique atmosphere, but customers are pleasantly welcomed and encouraged to enjoy shopping without interruption. The owner, however, certainly has “a talented eye” for selecting the best colors and styles for customers and can be trusted for an honest opinion when asked. The shop is perfect for those who enjoy wearing clothing which reflects their individual style and not what is typical.

About Us


Store Owner

With a background in Hollywood Films & Television, I know all about "star" treatment.  I take it one step further in everything I do, and value my choices. When you choose to shop with Alice Simone Boutique, the "star" treatment is all yours. 

Why? Because we understand you are CHOOSING TO SHOP SMALL, and that means everything! 

Save the Mom-and-Pop stores throughout the country and help us put the face to face interactions back into our lives, and communities. 

There is a time and place for big box stores; However shopping small keeps our communities thriving and prosperous.

At Alice Simone Boutique we have a 75/25 rule, and we hope to influence as many shoppers as possible. Lets get back to basics, shop small 75% of the time and be a star, make a difference!




Directly across from:

"The Cafe"

on 8th Street South

Seasonal Hours Noted

797 5th Ave South

"Off Season" Hours

Tuesday thru Sunday


Off Season Hours begin June 24'

In season Hours begin October 24'